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About Kaya

Kaya is a small, family run business that was born through our desire to create a safe and happy space for whatever your soul is craving. Whether it's relaxation, creating new connections, family fun, celebrations or just to enjoy the sunset from the best spot on earth. 

The name Kaya was inspired by our daughter Paulina, who shares the same middle name. It is of Japanese, Zulu, Turkish, Hopi and Hindi origin, and the meaning of Kaya is "restful place, forgiveness; home; stone; wise child". However, you may know it from Bob Marley as well. 😉

Because of Kaya we have met new interesting people everyday, new friends and showed them a different side of Costa Rica from out on the water that is breathtaking, rugged, full of diversity, relaxing, tranquil at times with an ever present respect for nature, the sea, the sand, the sun and the moon.
We have seen thousands of sunsets each one being different and letting us reflect on what really matters while spending what time we have on the planet with family and friends. 

We thank each and everyone we have met and been able to share this experience with in the last years. 

Experience Kaya for yourself, let your soul rest, enjoy the views, our curated playlist and let yourself be pampered by our crew. 

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About the Catamaran

​The Kaya is a 32ft lovingly restored vintage sailing catamaran by Prout from the 1980s. Prouts have completed more ocean crossing in the 20th century than any other multihull and the Kaya itself has crossed the Atlantic 5 times before finding her forever home in the Nicoya Peninsula. 

Our catamaran has a great ​open deck for sunbathing and enjoying the sights of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a tranquil interior for lounging, relaxing or to catch some shade.

She comes fully equipped with an on-board bathroom, a thoroughly stocked bar / kitchen (which we like to call the bitchin'), a comfortable lounge area and 4 cabins. Onboard we also have all necessary safety equipment, as well as water toys, stand up paddles, and snorkeling gear. 

Also, Kaya is now even more sustainable than ever before! Besides minimizing our environmental impact by not having trash and plastic bottles, cups or cans (that can end up in the water or on shore) we are proud to say we are now also powered by the sun

This is just the first step in our journey to becoming 100% energy self-sufficient


The Kaya is licensed for up to 18 quests (plus 4 crew), however we like to keep our groups between 10-15 guests. ​​

What people are saying about us

If there’s any tour to do in nosara, this is the one!!! There was three crewmembers on the boat Mickey was so amazing really quick to answer, and I did the sunset tour with two of my friends, which started around 2 PM and ended around six. they just had all the extra little touches. The drinks are amazing. The food was amazing and we were taken to pink island where we saw light pink sand, beach, and snorkeling there was so much fun!!

Lauren B.

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