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Duration: 3 - 4 Hours 
Capacity: up to 15 guests

Start your day right with a tranquil morning on the water!

Come sail the pristine waters of Nosara and enjoy the warm Costa Rican water and maritime life as you travel through crystal clear waters, visit secluded beaches and relax aboard our lovely sailing catamaran. 

Kaya Nosara is family-friendly; we welcome guests of all ages on board!

This tour is available as a private and group tour. 

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Duration: 3 - 4 Hours
Capacity: up to 15 guests

Enjoy the beautiful sunset while sailing in Costa Rica!

Complete your day with a relaxing sunset cruise aboard the Kaya sailing the beautiful waters in Nosara.

Soak in the sun on the spacious deck, paddle out on our SUP board, enjoy a dip in the middle of the ocean, visit secluded beaches and enjoy a breathtaking sunset only seen by a voyage at sea!

On our sunset tour you’ll enjoy delicious snacks and finger foods, prepared daily on the boat, as we sail to the perfect location for you to enjoy the breathtaking sunset to our synchronized music playlist.

Kaya Nosara is family-friendly; we welcome guests of all ages on board! 

This tour is available as a private and group tour. 


Full / Half Day Charter

Want the Kaya all to yourself for a special day with friends and family? Looking for a romantic getaway? Or are you planning the perfect set up for a special occasion?

From weddings to kids birthday parties, the Kaya is perfect for any celebration or special occasion - even if that special occasion is just to celebrate another beautiful day here in Costa Rica. 

Enjoy some time getting spoiled aboard the Kaya with a completely personalised itinerary just for you and your loved ones! 

Keep an eye out on our social media for special events like Tapas Night with a private chef and other cool experiences!

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